25 January 2016

My website doesn’t bring in a lot of business!

My website doesn’t bring in a lot of business!

I have heard this many times over the years when I have initially suggested to business owners about a possible redesign of their old website or a marketing campaign to increase awareness of the company. Especially from the smaller companies or from startups.

A lot of my own customers and other business owners that I have spoken to over the years, think that spending money on their website is not cost effective. Whereas the opposite is true. A well designed website and a strategic marketing campaign will generate customers and income for the company. The money spent on advertising a company should be seen as an investment and not a cost. To help your business succeed, you need to set aside a budget that will pay dividends to your company’s brand.

Certain companies say they rely on “word-of-mouth” and recommendations for new clients/customers and whilst this is still a great way of getting one or two new clients, if you really want to expand your company’s turnover then you need to get noticed by a larger audience. Whether that audience is local to your town or on a national or global scale.

Fresh Website. Fresh Approach.

A company with a outdated website can be a negative factor to the visitor. How can they trust the quality of your services or product, if they can’t trust the quality of your website. An old website can look a little like a run-down shop in need of redecoration.

So once a company has spent some money on a redesign, they then say they don’t want to spend money on marketing. The website should bring visitors in. Well not quite. The newly designed website will help to convert those visitors to customers, but only if those customers can find you. Using the ‘brick-and-mortar’ shop analogy, you might as well open a new shop, but not locate it on the high street, where everyone passes by and pops in, but in a quiet little side-street that is off a couple of other side-streets, that people only walk down, if they have taken a wrong turning. Chances are, they will see your business, but you don’t offer what the want and so they don’t convert into a new customer. Your website needs to be found on search engines by those that are seeking your products or services.

Invest in Your Company’s Success.

At Stone SEO we will work with you to build your business and produce a website and marketing strategy based on your budget. We discuss your requirements and build a campaign to suit you. So set your marketing budget and call us today on 07527 244 574 to help build your business.

Once we have worked together to complete the first campaign, you will never say “My website doesn’t bring in a lot of business” ever again. One of our greatest satisfactions at Stone SEO is when our clients see that their latest marketing campaign helped their business grow. Money well spent.

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